Stefan Urlass

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Stefan Urlaß

Stefan Urlass
Camera and Editing

Stefan Urlaß, born 1966 in Dresden. From 1985 studied art, German and teaching in Dresden. Since 1993 freelance cameraman and producer.
Selected works:
"Entscheidung am Everest" – underway with climbers on Mount Everest. 1997. 30mins. ARD.
"Goldene Hände" – The golden man of the city hall, a 100 year old sculpture, and town's landmark, is lovingly and lavishly restored. 2006. 87mins. DVD.
"The Amateurs and the General" – Documentary accompanying since 1999 the reconstruction of the Mostar bridge, a symbol of the pacification of the partially destroyed town. 2003 45mins WDR. 2005 90mins DVD.
"Casting Lucifer" Documentary about exorcism. 2011 90mins WDR.